Environmental Business and Litigation Counsel

N.W. Bernstein & Associates, LLC’s lawyers have environmental, financial and litigation experience to help businesses solve multi-disciplinary environmental problems, including structuring business transactions to minimize environmental risk. We provide advice on traditional US environmental matters such as CERCLA, Brownfield redevelopment, the Clean Water Act, RCRA citizens’ suit defense, and on challenging proposed new government regulations. With two back-to-back wins in the Seventh Circuit and completion of two briefs in the Supreme Court of the United States, we have demonstrated strong federal appellate litigation skills. Our recent successes in representing the White Plains Housing Authority against a major petroleum distributor is illustrative of our District Court abilities. We have relationships with counsel in London, Shanghai, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Toronto, Mexico City and other locations that provide us with the ability to help international clients. Our firm is the exclusive U.S. New York representative on environmental matters to IR Global, the prestigious UK based international legal referral network, www.irglobal.com.