Cross Border and International M&A Deal Support

Our firm’s approach to M&A deals is discussed in detail on our M&A deals tab.  

And, with our relationship to IR Global (, we are ideally suited to support foreign companies and their counsel that want to invest or expand in the U.S. market.  We are the exclusive IR Global environmental representative firm in the U.S.- NY and the only environmental boutique that is a member of IR Global’s M&A group. In 2019 we helped establish “The M&A Tiger Alliance” group that consists of six elite U.S. law firms that provide the same level of experience and sophistication in tax, intellectual property, real estate and M&A documentation and negotiation that we provide in the regulatory and environmental fields.  In that way, on an as-needed basis, we can efficiently and cost effectively match the range of services more traditionally provided by the best “we do everything” firms. However, you only pay for the services you actually need. And because we are all senior in our areas of specialization, we do not use large numbers of overpriced associates.  Depending on the nature of the matter, our firms are also open to alternative billing arrangements. To learn more about The M&A Tiger Alliance group, please visit our LinkedIn page and be sure to click “Show more.”

An example of the M&A Team in action: earlier this year a Team member’s Austrian clients were considering establishing medical imaging facilities in the U.S., initially in the New York metropolitan area.  On short notice, our firm met with them and provided, while they were here, the information and permitting criteria they needed about New York’s regulation of medical imaging facilities. Other members of the M&A Tiger Alliance provided targeted advice to the Austrians on real estate and on general U.S. M&A considerations. 

So if you are a company or its counsel from India, Japan, China, the EU, the UK or Latin America that may want to move into or expand in the U.S. market, let us know.  We can help.

And if you are a U.S. company or its counsel considering investing or expanding abroad we can provide, through our IR Global relationships built up over the years, experienced counsel worldwide on almost any subject.  So if you need a good M&A lawyer in Malan or Barcelona, we know them. If you need a sophisticated real-estate counsel in Berlin or in Toronto we know one. Or if you need deal lawyers in Mexico City, the Netherlands, Israel, or Cyprus, we can provide that too.  Personal relationships matter.

So if you are a U.S. company or its counsel that wants to invest or expand in India, Japan, China, the EU, the UK, Canada or Latin America, talk to us.  We can help.