Environmental Law, Litigation and Regulatory Counsel


N.W. Bernstein & Associates, LLC is a boutique environmental and regulatory law firm.  We have beaten arguments of the United States Justice Department in a landmark Superfund case in the Seventh Circuit, filed briefs on environmental issues in the Supreme Court of the United States, and represented clients as diverse as a public housing authority, a large defense contractor, a pollution control equipment developer and a real estate investment firm, and have been consulted by international investors considering establishing medical imaging facilities in the United States.  Norm Bernstein is a Trustee at several hazardous waste sites – one is on EPA’s national priority list. And, we have international reach as the exclusive environmental representative for IR Global in New York. IR Global is the world’s largest legal and accounting referral network. Managed from London, it gives us colleagues in 155 jurisdictions, from Shanghai to Berlin. Whether your environmental or governmental regulatory problem is local or international, talk to us – we can help.  And if you are considering acquiring land or investing in a business and are unsure whether you have an environmental or regulatory problem, talk with us and find out. For our one page take on the Supreme Court’s important April 20, 2020 Superfund decision on adjacent landowners’ right to sue at common law Click Here.